How to introduce stoicism into your life and be happier

how to be stoic

Modern stoicism

This blog is all about how to adopt stoicism and how to apply ancient stoic principles to modern life. It is about how to introduce stoicism into your life today!

I’m not claiming to be an expert on stoicism.

Far from it!

In fact, I’m at the very beginning of my learning journey.

I’ve stumbled on stoicism as a potential tool for handling the problems of life better. It also promises a much happier and more fulfilled existence while I’m still alive to enjoy it.

This blog charts my experiments and experiences applying practical stoic principles and techniques to my busy life. It contains my thoughts and contemplations on stoic theory as I attempt to internalise exactly what it means and learn how to be stoic.

I will also be posting links to key books, DVDs, apps and other awesome stuff that helps me (and hopefully you) apply stoicism to life on a daily basis. I will only post links to things if I have used them myself and if they have had a positive impact for me personally.


Learn how to use modern stoicism

If, like me, you are wanting to learn how to be stoic and how to apply these principles to your own life then come along on this journey with me. Check out my posts on how to be a modern stoic and find out how I have gone about it. I have also posted information about the best stoicism books out there and also on the stoics themselves.

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